The first uni project: Bar-bot

08 Oct 2018

This was my first (significant) uni project. “Bar-bot” was an automatic drink dispenser. Through the use of a raspberry pi and three peristaltic pumps, Bar-bot was able to combine different quantities of three liquids and pour them into a cup. This process was controlled via a web site that connected to the raspberry pi. Looking back, there were a lot of ‘hacky’ decisions made to get the bot working. I remember being up til 3am the day that the presentation was due fixing errors and wondering why sensors weren’t working. It was a really good start to my computer science journey as it taught me the fundamentals well: patienece, resilience and a lot of trial-and-error. The final result worked; if barely. I wish I still had a photo of it in action. Maybe one day I will go back and build V2. I could certainly use a drink.